Smoking in public places illegal, says Sir Puka

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SMOKING in public places is illegal and offenders can be fined up to K500, according to Minister for Health and HIV/AIDS Sir Puka Temu.
He said the Tobacco Control Act 2016 outlawed smoking in public places, with offenders facing fines not exceeding K500.
Sir Puka said passive or second-hand smoking (the involuntary inhaling of smoke by non-smokers) could cause lung cancer.
“All public places are smoke-free by law including Parliament,” he said.
“The law is enforceable by police and agencies such as the Transport Department and the National Capital District Commission. The management of public places must cooperate with police.”
Sir Puka said public vehicle drivers and their crew must ensure everybody obeyed the law.
“In that way we will maintain, control and prevent illnesses,” Sir Puka said.
An anti-tobacco campaign and an awareness on the health risk posed by smoking will be conducted this year.
A 2017 World Health Organisation report on the tobacco epidemic in PNG says compliance to smoke-free zones is poor. They include public places, Government facilities, offices and workplaces, education facilities, universities, restaurants, cafes, pubs and bars.
The worst offenders are people using public transport.
There are supposed to be designated places in workplaces, restaurants and offices for people who smoke.


  • Thank you minister for Health and HIV, our Heavenly God Father will mighty bless your ministry.
    we none smokers every time we travel on public buses complaint with those smokers, they sometimes
    almost threw hands at each other but only say 1 single words.
    (THIS IS PUBLIC BUSS) just because of they have attitude problem they respond wrongly but i hope every
    citizen of this country solute you with what you prepare to fight against unexpected disease just appear in
    this young nation.
    once again we appreciated this law must be implemented
    God bless

  • This is good to control and prevent Lung Cancer, however two Medical Professionals outburst of NDOH and the very Minister are only coloring the real issue of Health problem in the Country must be addressed properly.
    Our both rural and urban Medical Clinics don’t have basic drugs and worst still is TB is alredy a National Epidemic while our Mortanel and Infant Mortality is still worst in the World.
    Why should Hon Minister and ofcose Medical Professional himself talk about Cancer which does not kill people as TB or those other preventable Diseases. NDOH,GOVERNMENT and other stakeholders rethink and change the course of direction you are heading.

  • When we talk about development, we always look at big things only. That is development. We start from small things and then we can go to big things. That is human development. First we learn to control our life. Small things in our life, like smoking, betel nut chewing and drinking alcohol in public places. We must learn to control this things because it’s destroying our lives individually, destroying our neighbours, and destroying the image of our country.

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