Society at risk, court warns

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PAPUA New Guinea is at risk of breeding a sick society due to an increasing number of sexual abuse cases against minors in court every day, senior magistrate says.
“I deal with such cases from Monday to Friday and find that there is something really wrong with Papua New Guineans,” Waigani Committal Court Magistrate Cosmas Bidar said.
“Something has to be done about this issue.
“Researches must be conducted immediately to determine why this is happening at an alarming rate and what can be done to minimise or stop this sick behaviour.”
Bidar’s comment came when he was arraigning Ivan Orosambo, 33, from Parama village in Daru, Western on a charge of raping a nine-year-old schoolboy. It was alleged that, on Thursday at 10am, the boy after finishing from school walked through a shortcut road to 5-Mile, Port Moresby, where his sister’s house was when he met Orosambo.
Orosambo allegedly lured him with a packet of biscuits and orange juice and offered to assist him to his sister’s house.
On the way, Orosambo forced the victim to remove his shorts and sexually penetrated him through the anus.
He threatened the victim not to scream or cry out so the victim did not make any noise out of fear.
Orosambo was caught in the act by three schoolgirls who walked on the road on their way to school.
At the same time, a police patrol car was spotted on the road so the matter was reported and police took immediate action in arresting Orosambo.
He was taken to the Saraga police station and charged.
The matter was adjourned to Sept 24 and Orosambo kept in custody at Bomana.
In the most recent cases reaching courts, a 36-year-old man accused of raping a six-year-old girl at ATS settlement was committed to trial by the committal court on Monday.
In Goroka a grandfather appeared in court charged with penetrating four girls under six years old with his fingers. The girls included his grand-daughter.

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  • The alarming rate of rape cases in the society today is triggered by the heavy consumption of home brew, marijuana and promoted by the technologies which provide easy access to phonographic materials. The government should by now consider banning the sales of yeast used by the black market vendors and hooligans to produce home brew with unpredictable alcohol percentage that often consumed together with marijuana and is affecting a lot of young and older people’s mindset. Restrict websites to pornographic materials and enable proper screening for vegetables like kaukau and potatoe bags entering wharf which drugs are packed in the bags and shipped through under the guise of vegetables.

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