Sohe launches five-year development plan

National, Normal

The National, Wednesday July 17th, 2013

 SOHE district, in Northern should see more tangible growth following the launching of a five-year development plan. 

The 2012-17 plan is based premised on the three cornerstones of development – health and education, infrastructure and economic development. 

Presenting the plan to the Implementation and Rural Development Department, Sohe MP and Treasury Vice-Minister Delilah Gore said Sohe was one of the least developed districts that had suffered in recent years from natural disasters.

“Our basic infrastructure services have been dilapidated, and we have a great challenge to rehabilitate them as well as redeveloping to provide adequate level of services,” Gore said. 

She said the plan was a roadmap and the challenge was to devise implementation plans to ensure people realised their dreams. 

She said the challenges facing the district and the province were complex and immense. 

“The situation is made worse with the aftermath of the Cyclone Guba, which destroyed social infrastructure,” she said.

“Bridges are washed away while  health and education facilities were destroyed during the cyclone.

“We have to start the process of restoration.

She said she would give priority to roads and bridges to make life easier for the people.

“To fulfil our dreams and aspirations, I have brought in engineers to undertake design of our roads and bridges,” she said.

“We will not complete everything we dreamt about during this term or in the next 10 years, but we make a start in the process of restoration, then we will contribute positively to Vision 2050 and our children and future generations will be better off.” 

The plan was aimed at improving the livelihood of the people of Sohe district and would focus on infrastructure development across all sectors.