Soldiers donate leftover supplies to Tombil centre


The PNG Defence Force (PNGDF) medical team which was part of the 2017 national election contingent in the highlands region donated several boxes of medical supplies over the weekend to the Tombil Health Centre in Minj, Jiwaka.
The extra boxes of medical supplies were what was left of the PNGDF medical supplies from the 2017 national election operations.
“We are very fortunate and thankful for this kind donation from the PNGDF, especially at a time when we are short on medical supplies to treat our people,” health extension officer in charge of the health centre, Jackson Frank said.
Tombil Health Centre, though small, caters for a large number of people from within the Minj and Kudjip areas. The health centre is currently closed due to shortage of basic medical supplies.
Frank stressed that the medical supplies came at a crucial time and would go a long way in helping sick patients from the local communities.