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THE Defence Force hierarchy has removed four soldiers from its southern Papua New Guinea-Indonesian border operations after they allegedly harassed female students in a remote area of Western, Chief of Staff Capt (Navy) Phillip Polewara, pictured, says.
“They were allegedly under the influence of liquor when they illegally entered the Morehead High School female students’ dormitory in South Fly last Friday.”
Polewara said the soldiers were removed from the South Fly operation area and transported to the Kiunga military forward base in North Fly to be dealt with by their commanders.
He said the soldiers were assisted by the locals to enter the school.
“We are now conducting an internal investigation into the incident and Daru police are also investigating,” he said.
“We are very concerned about this behaviour.
“Not only for this incident but others too.
“We have realised that soldiers involved in such incidents are the ones who have undergone only three months basic infantry training at the Goldie River Training Depot and they still have not come out of their civilian lifestyle.
“So we are now planning to go back to the six month basic infantry training curriculum to produce disciplined soldiers.”
Morehead High School deputy board chairman Daink Kuro said a group of soldiers and locals assaulted a shop’s security guard at Morehead station before harassing the female students.
Meanwhile, South Fly police commander Supt Brian Kombe said they were also investigating the incident.


  • Well done Sir. How about going to rural districts and conduct recruitment.
    Moresby and Lae are full of criminal minded youths..

  • Enough of recruiting civilians in Moresby and Lae and accepting bribery in recruiting Highlanders.Its about time you send your tecruiting team out to Manus Wewak West New Britain Oro Rabaul etc….

  • That is the result of Politicing the Disciplinary forces and backdoor dealings. For instance a MP wants to send 300 candidates to be recruited in Bomana to serve their province. This cannot be tolerated to avoid such incidents and other issues like using of ghosts names and fake certificates to enter the Academy. The recruitment process must be done on merits. Please, Police Minister we hope our recruitment will be right and just.

  • I suggest government must seriously consider the behavior of our national security like defense and Police force and extend the six moths or three months training to two to three years training that will equip them to handle situations, proper use of weapons, and control their behavior.

  • Recruit the universities and colleges students and other tertiary students who jut pass and and are unemployed. They know how to be perfect fance of this nation. This will surely have an impact reducing crime and injustice in the level deployment and commissioning

  • It’s not so much the period of recruit training that makes the man, the selection criteria needs to be improved to focus more on people who have demonstrated a true spirit of service in their respective communities.

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