Solution to our woes lies in the death penalty

Letters, Normal

The National, Thursday 05th July, 2012

I BELIEVE that the death penalty is the only answer if PNG wants to go forward.
It should be introduced to deal with crimes such as drugs, robbery, murder, human trafficking, money laundering and many other­s.
I believe the major concern is corruption which is evident in all sectors of our society.
The leaders or parliamenta­rians who will be elected in the general election must address the corruption problems.
It should be the first item on their agenda when the new parliamentary session begins.
The MPs should come up with tougher legislations to tackle rampant  corruption.
They should not follow the footsteps of our previous leaders by benefiting from corrupt practices and other abuses.
The previous parliamenta­rians or law-makers seemed to ignore corruption because they  also wanted to get rich.
Looking at the current elections, it appears that candidates are prepared to “do or die” as they fight to get elected, thinking that once they are in parliament, they will get rich overnight just like the previous bunch.
A lot of revenue is flowing in­to the public cof­fers due to the country’s economic boom.
It is time the leaders legislate constructive corruption laws to completely eradicate corruption.
If this is not done, the country will go to the dogs.

Paku Konjo