Something not right with transport

Letters, Normal

The National, Thursday October 24th, 2013

 I HAD my driving licence confiscated three times because of expired safety stickers and registration.

I did pose the question to NCD Metropolitian Superintendent Andy Bawa on FM100 talkback after the second incident some months ago. He said road safety officers have no right to confiscate licenses as they forced you to commit another offence which is, driving without a licence.

This was reiterated by two lawyers and a police traffic officer. 

It looks like road safety officers are taking advantage of the lack of public awareness on road safety legislation to request unlawful fees from motorists. 

The third incident happened on Oct 10 when my wife was charged K50 each for expired registration and no third party insurance. 

She was told to go pay K50 at the road safety office to get her licence back. On Oct 14, we went with K50 to get the licence and this time was told by the lady behind the counter the fee was K100.

Something is not right. 

I believe it is one of the most basic and widely accepted forms of corruption. 

The road safety office needs a shakeup and a more transparent system.

The public should be made aware of their rights and the penalties for traffic infringements so they will know when an officer is acting outside their jurisdiction. Set up a hotline for reporting such incidents if possible. 


N Kuloi 

Port Moresby