Speaker petitioned to fix air-con problem

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B-WING of Parliament has been without air-conditioning for the last two years and nothing has been done to fix the problem.
Parliament Speaker Jeffrey Nape was taken to task yesterday over the issue and was reminded that several improvements to Parliament including the installment of computers, plasma TV and new furniture for Members have not been installed since a full page advertisement was taken by the Speaker almost two years ago.
“Can you inform Parliament when the B-Wing can expect some comfort?  It is two years now.” Mr Philemon said.
The B-Wing houses office of the Opposition, office of Members of Parliament and ministers.
Deputy Opposition leader Bart Philemon, when raising the question of air-conditioning, also referred back to questions he raised on May 18 last year, which the Speaker promised to reply that next day but had not done so in the last one year and six months.
Mr Nape looked confused and asked Mr Philemon to repeat, which he said was in the Hansard and proceeded in repeating his questions.
He said the second question related to a full page advertisement on Aug 22, 2007, regarding TV sets, plasma TV sets and computers for MPs.
The third question was about the furniture that had been sitting outside the Parliament library, which have since disappeared.
Mr Nape said he would consult the Clerk to make a response yesterday afternoon but Parliament adjourned after lunch due to lack of quorum.