SRC, activist to blame for student injuries in clash

The National,Wednesday June 15th, 2016

THE UPNG Students’ Representative Council president and executives as well as activist Noel Anjo must be blamed for riot that took place last Wednesday.
Parents of injured students must blame the president and Noel Anjo for instigating the event.
The fact is that the students’ petition had been presented to Prime Minister Peter O’Neill who responded accordingly.
O’Neill said some of the issues raised were before the court but the SRC and Anjo saw fit to mobilize students at the Waigani campus to march to the Parliament, which resulted in the clash with police that left some students injured with gun wounds.
If these hardline students do not like O’Neill, the election is just around the corner so what is so hard about challenging him in Ialibu/Pangia election in 2017?
Why can’t these students be patient and let the court deal with these matters.
The SRC president and his supporters like Anjo do not have the right and mandate to force O’Neill to step down because he was elected by his own people to be MP and the other MPs elected him to be Prime Minister.
The SRC president and his executives should be held accountable for those students who were injured during the clash. Do not blame police.
The University council uplifted the suspension and students should have gone back to class. All of a sudden without thinking intellectually, the event unfolded.
Parents must summons the SRC president, his executives and Noel Anjo for causing all this causalities and mayhem.

Nick Tyson 
Port Moresby