Start planning for the future

Letters, Normal

I REFER to the comments by Snr Insp Michael Kanguma about the influx of used or reconditioned cars in PNG.
While I appreciate the reasons given such as too many accidents and small road network in the city, the authorities must think ahead and start planning now.
Stopping the imports of used cars will not solve the problem.
Police and city planners must accept the fact that the population of our country is growing and the population in Port Moresby may even triple in the next 10 years.
As such, the number of vehicles will also increase in tandem.
Furthermore, owning a car today is a necessity and not a luxury.
The main reason is our safety.
There is no guarantee that we will not be held up at the bus stops or have our bags snatched.
It  makes sense to plan now and improve the road infrastructure, such as providing wider roads, lay bys, traffic lights, flyovers, etc.
Implement traffic rules to cut down on illegal drivers and conduct regular checks on the roadworthiness of the vehicles, awareness of proper driving, etc.
The authorities must carry out a research and find out why there are so many accidents.
Is it because there are too many cars and illegal drivers, lack of awareness, limited and poor road infrastructure or design of the road system?


Talakanges Konsen
Via email