Stick to game plan, Kumuls

Letters, Normal

The National, Friday October 11th, 2013

 I WAS disappointed that the Kumuls had no structure to play to in the PM’s XIII match. I am very sure that the great coaches, Mal Meninga and Adrian Lam, would have had a game plan to take on the great Kangaroos, but this was not shown on the field. The dummy-half seemed to think he could take on the Kangaroos by himself. We had the best backline available, but they rarely got the ball. The Kumuls coughed up possession and ended up tackling all afternoon, letting the Kangaroos run rings around them. For the World Cup, the coaching staff needs to really drill the players to play a structured game and ensure they stick to it. The talent is there. I know the boys have their hearts in the game, but they must play to a game plan. Big Mal and Adrian, the challenge is on.

Diehard Kumul fan

Port Moresby