Stop raising false claims to Morobe govt


THE continued bombarding of Morobe government headquarters by the so-called contractors and creditors should stop.
The recent one being the K54 million outstanding claims as proclaimed last week.
There used to be a ‘haus krai’ for money near the Tutumang building every year.
In 2018, K1.4 million was paid out at the request of the governor to seek out the alleged K44 million sins of his predecessor.
These are professional malpractices that are normally frowned on in other countries, where political leaders and public servants are held accountable.
Unfortunately, in Morobe it’s business as usual and the total debt figure keeps increasing every year when government accounts open for business.
Morobe is a big province with vast landmass and huge population, mostly in isolated communities.
In Kabwum where the governor comes from, there is no road access.
His people have to painfully squeeze out K480 for a one-way ticket via third-level planes to Lae.
The alternative is two days walk to Wantoat in Markham to get a car ride into Lae.
This monkey business with paper contractors, ghost hire car firms, phony creditors, and crooked public servants should end and everyone should get back to the real business of meaningful service delivery.
Enough is enough.
The people of Morobe should stand behind the provincial treasurer, Andrew Namuesh, and call for the K54 million claims to be screened thoroughly and credit only the genuine ones.
The provincial executive council should quickly endorse the provincial government’s in-house legal team to check out the false claims and have the perpetrators arrested for fraud and false claims.
Have them locked up.
Something urgent and drastic has to be done to end this growing cargo cult mentality of submitting a claim, join a crowd, and demand the government to release free money.
There are good people, small businesses, and church-run organisations out there in the bush serving our rural folks.
They do not receive any support from the provincial government and it’s frustrating to learn about huge amounts paid to people for nothing.
If this issue is not addressed immediately, there is no doubt that heaps of claims will emerge with threats when government accounts open next year.
As usual, they will demand to be sorted out first before Tutumang starts its 2021 operations.

Kapi Lok

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