Strategies to fight crime need funds

The National,Friday July 1st, 2016

POLICE in Lae have crime-fighting strategies in place but need financial support to implement them effectively, Metropolitan Superintendent Anthony Wagambie Jr says.
Wagambie said the police “sector patrol” approach and the “community policing” concept were good ways to help fight crime in the city.
He said each sector should have its own vehicles and other logistics to help them address lawlessness in their area.
Wagambie said police needed at least K500,000 to ensure the sector patrol programme was implemented.
“It’s not good to hire vehicles,” he said.
“These are permanent things we need to put in place so that we can effectively fight crime in the city.
“Let’s just not react to things.
“We have to have logistics in place in the long run so that we maintain police presence and public peace. What we are doing now is just reacting. What we need is a proactive approach.”
Wagambie said the communities should also take ownership of law and order problems in their areas by reporting crimes and criminals to police.
“If you see a person breaking the law or running away from police, you must report him,” he said.
“Nowadays, many people have fears and do not report to police.”
Wagambie said most criminal activities in Lae were committed by escapees from the Buimo jail.
“Escapees team up with other people and commit crimes,” he said.
“Youths are following the escapees as their ‘big boys’ to commit the crimes.”