Students are our future leaders

The National,Wednesday June 15th, 2016

THE damage has already been done and it’s time to fix it.
University students are our children and they are the future leaders.
The Government and Opposition should not blame each other for the damage caused while our children are suffering out there.
They must come to the students’ aid and take care of them in such time of need.
The Government should listen to our grievances as concerned parents of university students.
They must take responsibility for the police actions against our armless and innocent children.
Our children are human beings too and we love them.  With broken hearts we sent them away from home to be educated in Port Moresby and Lae.
We made great sacrifices for our children to be educated so that they serve the country and us parents back in the village.
We didn’t gave them guns to carry to school but we equipped them with school stationery items for them to receive a good education.
To see out children  being shot at and beaten up by police is heart-breaking for parents.
As a concerned parent, I urge our political leaders to go to the students’ aid and support them with medical expenses, food amd other needs.
Our political leaders must do everything to regain the trust and confidence of our children and all our people throughout the country.

Concerned Parents, Via email