Students call for more youth engagement


Grade 11 students from Marianville Secondary School in Port Moresby have called for more interactive and visible engagement of youths in the fight against corruption in the country.
Students Shirmayne Daega, Maureen Tabari, Mary Melengas, Theresa So-on and Tanika Saulep made this collective call when they appeared on the chat room programme in Port Moresby last Wednesday.
The topic last week was “engaging youth in the fight against corruption”.
They made a call to different media houses to provide more platforms such as “chat room” for young people to express their views on social issues and a strong encouragement for youths to start becoming vocal and critical about the governance of the country and its priorities.
Daega said corruption denied the interest and the common good of the majority of people and stood only to benefit an individual and group’s personal gain.
“Here in PNG, there are many forms of corruption being practiced, but, the most prevalent would be nepotism or more commonly known as the ‘wantok system’,” she said.
“Many people cannot see its economic and social strain on society and, especially, on youths, but for them to be able to see can only be achieved through strategic approaches.
“They need to be aware of how it happens and operate through approaches that encompass young people, education and modern technology to be able to inform and help the fight against corruption.
Tabari explained the magnitude of corruption’s effect in a country, but maintained that despite this, it still could be reduced with the application of moral principles.
She said, “most of society’s problems could be resolved if we were all raised and guided by morals and values that were virtuous, and this starts at an early age at home.”