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SEVEN of the 81 students arrested last weekend on a Kokopo beach for their alleged involvement in illegal activities are expected to appear in court on Thursday, police say.
East New Britain police commander Chief Inspector Joseph Tabali said the seven were charged with possessing homebrew and marijuana.
The other 74 have been charged with loitering, and are expected to appear in court next week because it will take time to complete their files for the court.
“Because it’s a large group of students, the court documents of the 74 are still being prepared and they will most likely appear in court next week,” Tabali said.
Police were alerted of the group by two girls who claimed to have been robbed of their bags and phones when they went to deliver food to their boyfriends in the group on Saturday. Police found the 81, between the ages of 16 and 20, on Mamapua beach between Butuwin and the Kokopo Secondary School in Kokopo district allegedly “worshipping” a youth believed to be their cult leader.
Police marched them back to the Kokopo police station where they were detained overnight.
“The reason we kept them overnight was because they were drunk and unable to talk properly to police,” Tabali said.
“On Sunday, we began talking to them and called all their parents who expressed their disappointment on the activities of their sons.”
The 81 are attending the Malabunga Secondary School, Warangoi High School, Boisen Secondary School and Sunrise Code School in Rabaul district.
Tabali has informed the schools of what the students had been charged with.
“While we charge them according to the law, the schools will deal with them according to their regulations,’’ Tabali said.
Police granted a K100 bail to each of the 74 charged with loitering and K400 to six charged with being in possession of marijuana and homebrew. One was denied bail and detained.
Provincial administrator Wilson Matava called an emergency meeting of the provincial education board which he chairs after being informed of the incident by Tabali.
Tabali urged parents to be alert as to the whereabouts of their children at all times.
“If your child comes home late, question him or her where they have been.
“Know where your child is. You do not want police calling you to come down to the station or worse the morgue to identify your child.”


  • They should be terminated from schools once they charged. They are not fit to be schools anymore. We cannot continue to entertain such illegal cult practices in our school. Send them behind bars. Let justice prevail. I appeal to the Provincial Education Board (ENB) to seriously look at these matter and apply hush penalties on them. They are portraying a bad image to schools, families and the province…. Enough is enough just sending them to jail. They are no longer students.

  • Let them face the full force of the wages of sin so that the laws are not just being written guidelines but being implemented

  • Parents must seek the Holy Bible more and teach our young generation more to be equipped with the word of God. As the Holy Bible clearly stated. We are not fighting flesh and blood but against principalities and powers of darkness, against wicked spirit of the high places. Galatians 3:27 for as many were baptized into Christ have put on Christ. Acts 2:38 ” be baptized in Jesus Name to be covered and protected under Jesus Christ.

  • Cult praxis is happening in all provinces practiced by students who heavily indulge in such evil acts. But no one is reporting such hooligans. They go free and unreported. ENBP is good oft reporting criminal and evil activities. Some need to do a research in NCD, Lae’ Goroka, Hagen etc..same of such will be exposed

  • Parents must be under influence of drugs not to be concerned just from the appearance of this garbage mob .
    There is no need to waste time in courts.
    Just cane them for their own good.

  • they are unwanted in our society. can nature naturally get rid of them pls. we need responsible and law abiding as well as hardworking people to build our nation

  • Future Leaders cannot be drug addicts, alcoholics, womanizer, cultist, etc. The students identified should be brought to the courts and if convicted they should be EXPELLED fro their schools

  • They must be dealt accordingly to the law. No leanancy as students. This will teach them lesson that they become law abiding citizens. Law will do for them and not to them.

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