Students raise concerns


THE bottleneck in the education system is denying many grade 12 students from pursing further studies at tertiary institutions, says Regania Possman.
The Jubilee Catholic Secondary School grade 12 student raised the concern during a chat room show last Wednesday.
“Many have fallen (victim) to the harsh reality of our education system, to either make it out on top or be discarded,” she said.
“These unfortunate individuals end up spending days at home or out searching for alternatives that could still give them a chance of attaining their dreams.
“We implore our youths to first of all acquire a ‘can-do’ attitude.
“Be visionaries, believe in yourselves and what you can offer.
“Use your initiative to create your own pathways and push forward and face life head on.
“The road to success is not a smooth one but if you are willing to put in the effort to see your goals through then you’re already halfway there.”
Possman and fellow grade 12 students of Jubilee Catholic Secondary School spoke on the topic: “Creating opportunities for young people”.
Student Romona Krewanty told of the sad reality facing young people denying them the opportunity to partake in national development.
“If the current population trends continue, the group will no doubt continue to grow rapidly,” Krewanty said.
Bill Barara said it often resulted in young people ending up in crime and violence.
“Without investment in the health, education and the employability of this large population cohort, the potential of this group to contribute to the nation’s future will not be realised,” he said.
Dante Elijah said opportunities usually presented themselves after days and weeks of dedicated and relentless hard work.
“Opportunities can be created through education, by joining the workforce or by simply being creative and innovative,” he said.
“However, they all have one thing in common and that is the application of hard work.
“There is simply no substitute for hard work.”
Joshua Kabewa said education was still the best pathway for creating opportunities for young people.
“Getting educated or taught something isn’t as hard as it used to be,” he said.
“Thanks to the advances in technology and development of the internet, opportunities are now before us and it is for us to realise this and seize them for ourselves.