Students take part in media seminar, urged to be creative


STUDENTS of the Don Bosco Technological Institute (DBTI) joined other students from Catholic schools in Port Moresby for a media education seminar from June 4 to 6.The programme was held at the institute’s Emmaus Conference Centre in Boroko and was organised by the Catholic Bishops Conference secretary for social communications Fr Ambrose Pereira and his team.It was the seminar in a series of media education seminars for students from the Catholic secondary schools in Port Moresby.The guest was Fr Gregorio Bicomong, the provincial head of PNG and the Solomon Islands. Fr Gregorio encouraged young people to be creative with their talents and skills to influence others positively.“You will find so much rubbish on social media and that rubbish is what is influencing the way young people think,” he said.“You use your creativity and skills in the media to positively influence others. When you influence, you are leaving an impact on others.”Emmanuel Kokele, a second-year student at DBTI, said it was the best seminar of the year.“I really enjoyed it and learnt things,” he said. “The most important was time management and working towards a deadline. “I found my strength and the capability to think fast.”Another second-year student, Clifford Asunu, said: “It was an inspirational experience. “Students from different schools spent the weekend to showcase our creative ideas using multimedia. “Personally, it was a wonderful event that helped develop my confidence in voicing my views.”A statement from the Catholic Bishops Conference said the sessions covered print and audio media, video basics and activities that involved students’ interactions and discussions on current issues affecting young people.

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