Students told to be godly influence to others


MEMBERS of the Tertiary Students Christian Fellowship at the Nazarene College of Nursing at Kudjip in Jiwaka were challenged to be a contagious godly influence to others.
Pastor Mike Ona, son of the late Francis Ona, the former leader of the Bougainville Revolutionary Army, while sharing his testimony of how God changed him to become a pastor, urged the TSCF students to connect with Jesus Christ to have a greater impact on the lives of others.
“Don’t be confined to your nursing careers and think only about your small pay packet because that will not make a big impact. Connect to Jesus and you will make huge impacts in the lives of people,” he added.
Ona said he had been a gold buyer and seen lot of money but that money and wealth he imagined to have in life did not match the priceless gold he had found in Jesus.
“I tell my wife that she is my second love or second best. My first love is Jesus. If you have Jesus, you have everything,” he said.
Ona urged the third year TSCF members to lead Godly and contented lives.
“Make up your mind whom you want to serve. You must serve only one master and that is Christ. You cannot serve two masters. Raise the flag of Jesus Christ wherever you go.
“The real world out there where you will experience when you leave school is governed by principalities.”