Students told of the special meaning of Independence


A TEACHER told students during Independence Day that many people still fail to understand the special meaning of the day.
Sumia Primary School head teacher Michael Ipis said other countries had struggled, shed blood and lost lives to gain independence. But Papua New Guinea was different and he gave credit to the leaders for the true spirit of unity.
“On Independence Day, we are reminded of the past struggles, the current freedom and future pursuit of values we hold so dearly,” he said.
“‘Independence Day allow us to celebrate our cherished freedom. Many of our poor elderly people and illiterate do not fully understand the meaning of this special freedom. It is our duty as students and educated people to explain the real meaning to them.”
He said the day must be celebrated with pride and enthusiasm.
Teachers and students invited their parents, brothers and sisters to join them in celebrating the day.
Police in Mendi held a flag-raising ceremony led by Police Commander Chief Supt Sibron Papoto.