Students will know placings next month


Grade 12 students will know their placing in tertiary institutions on December 13, according to Department of Higher Education Research Science and Technology Minister Pila Niningi.
He said the early confirmation was the result of making selections online which reduced or eliminated chances of bribery and favouritism.
“Out of those 28,000 grade 12 students, only a few will be picked. But then these are the top students  who will get placing in institutions,” Niningi said.
“We will call media to come and we will have a big screen there where it will be showing institutions where students will be going.
“I want to make you understand the online thing on the 13th of December,” Niningi said
“Right now, no student knows.
“In the past manual selection was used.
“Manual selections are bound to go wrong. So we believe that the computer will help minimise those.”
Niningi said manual selections gave opportunity for bribery which means that those who could afford it, had been abusing the system.
“Those are things of the past. Now if they want to bribe, they can bribe the computer.
“That is if there is a way they can,” he said.
“We have prepared so that we will make an announcement and students will know which ones will be enrolled for next year at the university,” Niningi said.
“I want to notify parents that only students who have worked hard to earn qualified grades will be selected.
“We don’t want lazy people and lazy students to go to colleges and universities because after they come out to workforces, their work will not be of quality.”