Success is for everyone


FOR too long, we Papua New Guineans have been looking down on ourselves.
I don’t want you citizens to have the mindset that only a few people are meant for success.
Success is for everyone.
Anyone can be successful.
Are you content with where you are?
Are you content with the grades you are getting?
Are you content with the wealth you have?
Are you content with the position you hold?
People of Papua New Guinea, success is yours if you believe that you can change.
If you want change, my friend, you have to change the way you do things. Nothing changes if nothing changes.
PNG, though so small within the Pacific Ocean, can shine more if everyone searches for the best in their lives.
You have talents and abilities.
Make use of them.
As a patriot of this nation, let me encourage you to let your failures be a very good friend of yours.
This is because it is failure that will encourage you to climb heights you’ve never climbed before.
This nation is just waiting for the sleeping giant inside you.
Unleash your full potential and make a difference for your country.

Glen Burua
Divine Word University