Support for fisheries urged

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FOREIGN Affairs and Trade Minister Sam Abal has called for more attention towards the fishery industry.
He said in some cases, the tuna industry played a vital role as a major source of revenue for other Pacific island nations and it could be the next big industry in PNG if taken seriously.
Mr Abal made the call to about 200 participants from at least 28 countries who attended the two-day second Pacific tuna forum in Port Moresby which ended yesterday.
Mr Abal hosted a cocktail reception for the visitors on Wednesday night.
The forum was aimed at seeking to deliver options viable for the growth of the tuna industry and to create more exposure to penetrate world markets especially with the US and other duty-free markets such as European Union (EU).
Mr Abal also said the Interim Economic Partnership Agreement (IEPA) PNG signed with EU last month would play a major role also in exposing the PNG market.
He said the tuna forum was also a chance for investors to show interest as PNG was at an optimum position while leading the southeast Asia and Pacific in tuna exports.
Mr Abal also pledged his support to Fisheries Minister Ben Semri and the industry for marine and land infrastructure projects.
“The development of the tuna industry is promising and it is a good commercial proposition for companies to show interest,” he said.