Swearing becoming a concern


A YOUNG man was fined by a district court in Lae for using insulting words to swear at his father last month.
He was fined K600 in default six months’ jail and ordered by the court to pay his father a compensation of K1,000.
Yesterday, we reported on a mother who assaulted and swore at her daughter being fined K500 after pleading guilty to a charge of domestic violence.
The mother was ordered to pay a K1,000 compensation to her daughter, in default six months in jail.
Magistrate Pious Tapil told his courtroom “there are proper ways to resolve issues rather than swearing at people using offensive and insulting words”.
“Women’s private body parts are becoming a normal insulting word and that is a sign of a sick society.
“It is a sign of serious disrespect”.
There are many similar incidents in the country however do not make it as far as the courts.
Under the Summary Offences Act section 7 (amended) “breach of peace by use of offensive and abusive words, behaviours and gestures” attracts a penalty fine not exceeding K3,000 or imprisonment not exceeding 12 months.
Previously, it was a penalty fine not exceeding K300 or imprisonment not exceeding one year.
We say Papua New Guinea is a Christian country on which our constitution is based, unfortunately this area of concern is becoming an everyday scene.
Looking at the attitude and the conduct of people these days, it is outside our beliefs and principles.
People who swear in public places are disrespectful, especially using the words to describe women’s private parts.
What will become of the young generation of children who are growing up exposed to such behaviour and practices.
Even the children who are begging for money on the street use vulgar description on the public who walk past without assisting.
Makes you wonder if those who utter such obscene language ever stop to think about their mothers and sisters.
Their actions show their lack of respect for the women folk, we have mothers, daughters, wives, our aunties and our sisters.
We have in the past reported protests out of villagers in Gulf and Central by mothers and the community on the use of such language by the males and most times while under the influence of alcohol. Suggestions for the children to be educated on the teaching of the Bible to be good citizens of this nation must be harnessed.
Children must be empowered with the skill to impact the message of love, sharing and forgiveness through their actions.
All these point back to the importance of family which is the basic unit of a society.
Family is a place where children can be raised in a safe and stable environment.
Both fathers and mothers have an important contribution to play as each have a different perspective and can uniquely help children of both genders to learn important skills relating to marriage, education, work, morality, ethics, and social interaction and so on.
Consumption of alcohol in public places is another area of concern.
It is becoming almost like an everyday thing, more like becoming a norm to see teenagers and young adults openly consuming alcohol in full public view.
They then take a leak against the fence or a tree with no care in the world. The obscene verbal diarrhoea they holler out of their mouth makes one sick to the gut.
It is already a public concern on student behaviour and activities in our schools.
We have students carrying weapons especially knives, walking to little music boxes and their music blaring away either on their way to school or returning home.
All the other above under the Summary Offences (Amendment) Act 2018 carry various penalties, however it seems far from reality because of its implementation.
The Government formed in August must it priority that those tasked with enforcing the fines do their job.