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THE proposed centralised information technology system for motor vehicle registration and licensing will greatly assist traffic police and other stakeholders, an officer says.
Acting Assistant Commissioner Traffic, Joe Poma said the system would be implemented by the Road Traffic Authority to monitor vehicle registration and driver licensing with other integrated services.
“When implemented, it would make the job of a traffic police officer easier.
“From the traffic point of view, the centralised information technology system is really helpful as it will help us to track down motor vehicles involved in accidents, especially those involved in hit and run incidences.
“It would also help us to locate vehicle owners (through the section and allotment number) if the vehicle was caught on camera to be committing a traffic offence, example; driving through a traffic light,” he said.
He said the IT system would improve tracking of traffic offences and also make a lot of revenue for the government through the fees and fines charged.
“Once motorists are caught and charged, they will begin to change their attitudes and start respecting road rules and other road users.
“The centralised information technology system has proven to work in other countries like Australia, thus the system should be trialled out in PNG.
“In Australia the system can track down a vehicle from Queensland who has committed a traffic offence in Sydney, New South Wales,” he said.
“With the implementation of the IT system, motorists would not get away with traffic offences, thus it would eliminate these in the streets of Port Moresby.”
The Road Traffic Authority is still waiting for the Central Supply and Tenders Board to approve the centralised information technology system for it to be used in Port Moresby.
The centralised IT system covers the following areas;

  • Vehicle registration
  • Driver licensing
  • Heavy vehicle licensing
  • Authorized Inspection Station licensing
  • Motor Car dealer licensing
  • Enforcement
  • Road accidents database

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