Take responsibility, stop taking handouts


MANY have put up demonstrations and some have written in calling for free education to be reinstated.
The opposition leader has come out supporting the call for free education.
These people seem to forget that parents paying part of the fee is nothing new.
This time, education is subsidised.
We have not complained in the past so why complain now?
Nothing in this world is free.
Parents worked hard in the past to get their children educated.
They tilled the soil and planted gardens, grew cash crops, looked after animals to sell for cash.
Others sought employment and saved money to pay school fees.
That’s not new.
Parent motivate the child to work hard and the child feels obligated to the parents.
A relationship of respect and trust is developed between parents and children and extended family members when they chip in to assist.
Only politicians coming up this lazy-man’s policies and providing cash hand-outs creating lazy individuals in the society.
We should be very careful when politicians give handouts.
They want you to think that they care about your wellbeing when, in fact, they are indirectly asking you to maintain them in power while they continued to siphoned off budget allocation meant for development.
PM James Marape’s slogan to take back PNG is a calling to take our lives back from politicians and do things ourselves.
Agriculture activities and SMEs are the way to go.
While there are many who are unfortunate, handicapped, orphaned and are genuinely seeking free assistance, they should be identified and assisted separately.


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