Tamanabae urged to deliver services

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The National –Friday, January 7, 2011


HIGATURU local level government president Charles Jasari wants to see changes in the way Oro provincial government conduct its operations in 2011 for the benefit of the people of Northern.

Jasari called on Governor Suckling Tamanabae “to get out of his comfort zone in Port Moresby and come back to the province and work through the provincial administration in getting goods and services to the people.”

“The governor must relocate to the province and take control of the provincial government and operate through the provincial administration. 

“I say this because we have not seen any tangible development for the last three years. 

“The budget this year must translate to goods and services for the people on the ground,” Jasari said.

“I would also like to make the same call to the other MPs, including member for Sohe,” Jasari said.

He added that it was his wish to see that Northern provincial government and the administration including district and LLG presidents all 

the way to ward councillors work together to make people their priority this year.

Jasari also called for provincial assembly meetings to be conducted quarterly with active participation of LLG presidents instead of on ad hoc basis.

He criticised the governor saying that “he is out of touch with the people in the province and always calling the shots whenever and wherever he feels like.”

“This must stop. It is time now we exercise some self control, discipline and honesty in the way run the provincial affairs of our beloved province.”

The LLG president also called on the duly established Northern Provincial Restoration Authority which governor is chairman to explain to the people why they never benefited from the funds for the restoration of the province after cyclone Guba.