Tapini hosts PEB meet

National, Normal

The National, Monday 17th June 2013


THE Central provincial education board (PEB) will run a week-long consultative meeting this week in Goilala district.

Goilala MP Daniel Mona has given K20,000 from his district funds for the meeting at Tapini.

Mona said he was happy to assist because it was a first time since Independence that a high decision-making body especially in the education sector would conduct a meeting in the remote district.

“I am happy to see that this meeting is going to be held in the district and I will also attend because I want to know the progress of the schools in my district.

“Also it will be an eye-opener for the PEB members to see for themselves the difficulties teachers and students face daily in the district,” Mona said.

Central provincial administrator Gei Raga said the PEB meetings should be held in the districts instead of hotels in the city so the members see for themselves the difficulties teachers and students face in the remote areas and make decisions accordingly.

Raga said bringing such meetings to remote areas was in line with the theme of “going rural” and aligned to the National Government’s year of implementation.

He also said establishing and building partnerships with the churches in the communities was good for the sustainability of the institutions.

Meanwhile, Central provincial education adviser Romanus Hatagen thanked Mona for counter-funding the event as well as the provincial administration for facilitating the necessary documents.