Tavurvur causing health concerns

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The National, Thursday August 1st, 2013

 RESIDENTS and visitors to Rabaul have been urged to take health precautions as the town is currently experiencing ash fall from Mt Tavurvur, 

Over the past two weeks, Mt Tavurvur continued to release thin to thick, white to light grey emissions loaded with fine ash articles that were showering Rabaul town and nearby areas such as Namanula hill.

Environmental health officer with the Rabaul urban local level government Josephine Varip said they were advising people to cover themselves with umbrellas and face towels when walking around town and nearby areas.

He said parents were advised to keep their young children indoors.

The town clinic has also seen an increase in patients with dry cough.

Residents are regularly seen sweeping dust off the floor and wiping it from the windows of their homes and they have also gotten used to Tavurvur’s occasional rumbling that has been occurring over the past two months.