TB training to be conducted at work place


TUBERCOLOSIS affects adults during their prime working years and so businesses for Health TB project will conduct workplace training to ensure people knew their referral pathways, according to project manager Dr Ann Clarke.
Clarke said TB caused absenteeism and affected productivity.
“Delays in diagnosis of TB results in distress to those who are sick and puts family and co-workers at greater risk of infection,” Clarke said.
“When testing is early, diagnosis is accurate, treatment is as per national standard and adhered to TB can be cured. Hence long periods of absence from work due to illness can be prevented,” Clarke said.
She explained that the project would develop technical assistance packages for workplace TB programmes, training for workplaces, coordinate joint commemorative events with business and government and mobilise workplaces for advocacy campaigns and joint commemorative events.
“You know exactly the steps and the pathways to take immediately you become concerned about someone that the person will not infect anyone else in your workplace, they will also not infect their friends and family,” Clarke said.
She said the project will be launched in other provinces soon to end the TB epidemic in PNG.