Teach children to be assets, not liabilities


ENTREPRENEURS and business students are aware of these two opposite terms, asset and liability.
An asset refers to someone or something of value which can be used for either an absolute gain or a relative gain.
A liability is the opposite of that.
The image of our country depends on its population and how much they contribute towards developments.
When a country is made up of disciplined and well-educated citizens, business tycoons emerge as assets and it develops but if a country is made up of undisciplined and uneducated citizens, businesses cannot thrive.
That sets the country on a path of destruction where citizens will create a lot of law and order issues.
What can we say about Papua New Guinea?
Does it have enough assets?
What are our responsibilities parents? Are we going to produce kids to that will be assets or liabilities for in the future?
We can change this nation by starting to educate our children right.
Do not expect the Government to change us because most of our problems are beyond the Government’s control.

Max M Wapi
Millep Dam

One thought on “Teach children to be assets, not liabilities

  • On that note. It was not the government that assisted parents in bringing that child to this planet. the parents are responsible for bringing them into the world and the responsibility to train and mold them in to better citizens of the society rest on the parents. Always blaming the government is a lame excuse.

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