Teacher sets example

The National, Friday July 15th, 2016

Having a certificate, diploma or degree for a particular line of work, should not stop you from trying other jobs, a qualified teacher-security guard says.
“As long as you have the passion,” Vani Aua said.
Aua,  a teacher by profession is currently working as a security officer at the Kilakila Health Center in the Moresby South electorate of National Capital District.
The 64-year-old from Baimuru district in Gulf is a jack of all trade. He was a teacher and now he is a security officer, nurse, cleaner and a pastor.
Aua started teaching in 1972 and left it in 2000.
He was awarded the Queens Medal and Meritorious Public Servant Medal in 2007.
After teaching for 30 years, Aua joined the Kilakila Health Centre as a security officer.
“When I started working as a teacher, there was no corruption, everything was fine,” he said.
Aua said as time went by, corruption in their department, the Education Department and everywhere else was growing so he decided to go back to the village.
“I stayed in the village at Kilakila but then I saw the need to give back to the church, particularly the Four Square Church, as well as the community where I lived.”
Aua said he started as a security officer at the Kilakila Health Centre and later asked if he could do other activities like cleaning and assisting the nurses.
“Kilakila Health Centre is like a home to me,” Aua said.
He said he slept and woke up in the centre and helped people and the staff.
“Sometimes I assist the nurses to help the sick people so some people call me doctor.
“Some people also call me pastor because I usually share the word of God to others at times.”
Aua is also a cleaner because he cleans the area in and around thehealth centre.
“I don’t like seeing this place dirty, or seeing rubbish lying around since it is almost like home to me,”  Aua said.
Aua is married with five grown up children and is  a grandfather.
“The whole idea is to love and help people and it comes from my heart.”
Aua said he really enjoyed what he was doing, even though he is getting old.
“It is always good to do something that satisfies you.”