Teachers given lesson in loyalty


NEARLY 40 new graduate primary school teachers in Lufa district, Eastern Highlands, have been told to uphold their oath of loyalty while teaching.
Lufa District School Inspector Basic Education (SIBE) Peter Danga told the teachers of the importance of upholding their oath of loyalty at all times. He was speaking at a two-days ‘new graduate teacher induction course’ at Kefamo Catholic Mission outside Goroka on Friday.
He assured the graduate teachers that they were lucky to be employed by the Teaching Services Commission and given positions in the Education Department.
Danga said it was important to maintain integrity as teachers responsible for the delivery of basic education to the children under their charge every day at school.
“We choose to have our induction in Goroka because there are many topics to cover in the two days,” he said. “We need to have night sessions and to have proper facilities to accommodate the teachers.”
He said all induction courses for new graduate teachers must be completed this term as the teachers will go for compulsory inspections before they are able to register as teachers.
Seven other districts in Eastern Highlands have yet to conduct their inductions. They are Daulo, Goroka, Ungai-Bena, Henganofi, Okapa, Kainantu and Obura-Wonenara.

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