Teachers need to apply early for leave fares


TEACHERS have to apply for their leave entitlements each year before April so it is factored into the budget for the following year, Education Minister Nick Kuman says.
He said teachers who applied for their leave fares after April often missed out on the entitlements.
Kuman was responding to Jimi MP Mai Dop in Parliament on Friday.
Dop asked the minister for an update on 13 recommendations on a report on teachers’ salaries and entitlements.
Goroka MP Bire Kimisopa, in a supplementary question, asked if teachers could be paid their leave entitlements regardless of whether they applied for it.
He said the high rate of absenteeism had resulted from teachers not getting their leave fares.
Kuman said: “The 56,000-plus teachers have to apply before April so we factored into budget for the following year.
“Leave fares are budgeted for every year as long as the teachers apply before April; so we know how many teachers are going on leave for the next academic year
“The cut off month is April every year, if teachers make application end of April they cannot go for leave at the end of year because the department has to process this year and it will be available next financial year.”

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