Teachers pay for pay slips


MOROBE provincial education’s salary section is charging teachers K2 to K5 to print their pay slips.
For the first time I paid K5 to print two pay slips as required by those working in the salaries’ office.
Since I joined the teaching force in 2008, and up to 2012, I received my pay slip fortnightly at the workplace.
This has been effective and timely and without any fees.
This is not the case now since the Alesco system was introduced.
I was surprised when I was asked to pay K5 to print spreadsheets.
I am confused here.
Can the provincial programme advisor education for Morobe Keith Jiram and Teaching Service Commissioner Baran Sori clarify to teachers in Morobe on these charges?
Is it a service fee or for something else?
No receipts are issued for accountability purposes.
I can’t comprehend why teachers are paying for their pay slips.