Teachers urged not to boycott classes

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The National –Friday, January 7, 2011

 THE more than 200 disgruntled teachers in Madang awaiting their leave entitlements for 2010 have been against boycotting the resumption of duties for teachers in the province.

Teaching Service Commission Momase regional adviser Joseph Ouyoumb assured the teachers that TSC would take their case further with the Madang education authorities to establish the cause of the problem and he urged that all teachers resume duties on Jan 24, in time for the start of academic year on Jan 31.

“I advising  now that all teachers must be at your schools on time. Any teacher who is absent, will be dealt 

with, which means you forfeit your pay. 

Students and parents are innocent. We are professionals, let us think outside the box, let us find a solution to the problem,” Ouyoumb said.

He added that no one was to be blamed for the delay in teachers’ leave entitlements problem, however, the TSC was mindful of the safety of its teachers.

“We do not want our members, our teachers victimised and abused by the system. I am concerned about the teacher’s welfare being undermined. 

“Why is Madang continuing to have its leave fares poorly administered when other provinces in the region were managing the issue,” Ouyoumb said.

Early yesterday, Madang teachers gathered at the Holy Spirit School and agreed on a deadline before close of business today for the provincial education adviser Moses Sariki to respond favourably on their issue.

The teachers had given an ultimatum that if their leave entitlements were not processed by today, they would boycott resumption of duties for an indefinite period.

They also demanded that an investigation into the problem as the delayed payments of leave fares for teachers had been an ongoing problem in the province.

A copy of the list of demands by the teachers was given to  Ouyoumb.