Team delivers food relief to victims


A TEAM from the Wildlife Conservation Society (WCSPNG) based in Goroka, Eastern Highlands, is one of the groups that delivered some urgently needed food relief to the victims of Kegesuglo landslip.
WCSPNG, in coordination with local community-based organisation (CBO) KGWan Eco-Habitat Inc, visited the community at the foot of PNG’s highest mountain Mt Wilhelm, on April 23 and delivered the food.
WCSPNG assistant director John Kuange expressed his condolences to the relatives of the 10 people who died in the mudslide there on Good Friday.
“This is contribution is to support the haus krai and families who lost their gardens,” he said.
“WCS had engagements with the community through environment conservation with KGWan Eco-Habitat Inc.
“It is only proper to step in and assist in such times to demonstrate how much WCS values its working relationship with communities all across the country.”
Kuange also warned that landslides were bound to occur again and it was proper for the community to plan ahead to stabilse the area through a reforestation programme.
Tragedy struck the Kegesuglo community and destroyed Gove village.
The landslide, killed 10 and left many homeless and their food gardens destroyed.