Telikad added to voice accounts top-up

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The National, Wednesday, June 8th 2011

TELIKOM PNG Ltd  has  announced that its customers can  now top up their voice and data accounts using Telikad scratch cards alongside the usual Rait prepaid top-up cards.
Traditionally, the Teli­kad was restricted to ma­king calls on Telikom fixed landlines and X’cess wireless phones and not on other products including the newly-launched citifon mobile phones.
However, due to high customer top-up de­mands following the recent launch of citifon, the top-up option was extended to include the Telikad as well.
Telikom PNG offers two prepaid services which are the calling card service which the Telikad scratch  card  falls under and the prepaid top-up service that covers the Rait prepaid top-up card.
The Telikad scratch card has recently been included under the prepaid top-up service along with the Rait prepaid top-up card and can now be used for topping up the internet dongle, citifon, X’cess, WiMax and Telinet products.
Telikom PNG chief commercial officer Ajay Mathur said; “We are proud to increase our top-up options allowing our customers to have more access to our products and services.
 “We realise the importance of our ever-growing customer demands following our newly-launched citifon mobile services and had taken this important step to cater for their
high demand.”
To top-up using the Telikad, customers can dial 123 and follow voice prompts while balance account recharge using the Rait Prepaid card can be done by following voice prompts after dialing 1255.