Ten ‘high-risk’ provinces required to implement Covid-19 measures


TEN provinces have been classified as “high-risk”, requiring that they implement measures which suits them best to address the Coronavirus (Covid-19) surge.
They are Morobe, Chimbu, Enga, Hela, Jiwaka, Southern Highlands, Western, West Sepik, Western Highlands and Eastern Highlands.
National Pandemic Response Controller David Manning told The National that the 10 provinces would have to submit to his office what they wanted to implement.
“The high-risk provinces, in line with the measures released a few weeks ago, are to have their own measures to respond to the Covid-19,” he said. “The measures must be submitted to (my) office and to the National Control Centre (NCC) for their consideration.”
Manning said it meant strict travel requirements to the provinces.
“No person is to travel into and out of the provinces except those who are fully vaccinated, have a valid reason to travel, and have approval from the provincial administrator,” he said.
“In the case of the 10 provinces, an immediate ban is placed on all public gatherings.
“People may still go to shops and markets but they must be there only to shop, not to socialise or stay longer than required. They must comply with the ‘Niupla Pasin’ guidelines.”
He said religious gatherings must be limited to 50 people.
Nightclubs and pubs must be closed.
Recreational or professional sports are banned.

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