TFF fund cut a good move


THE Marape/Steven Government has abolished 100 per cent funding to the Tuition Fee Free (TFF) policy.
It is a ‘good decision’ and a ‘long time waiting to come’.
What will be the outcome of it?
The following will occur despite early dissatisfaction by some sections of the society:

  • Make parents to think twice;
  • family size control will take effect and with adequate spacing, assist in population control. The population growth rate for PNG is three per cent per annum;
  • alcohol, smoking and gambling will slow down;
  • violence might lessen. In fear of money lost in compensation, money intended for school fees will be saved and will lead to peace and order;
  • children will know parents are working very hard to pay for school fees and will study hard;
  • early adequate learning will be an advantage;
  • indirectly or directly get families into SME; and,
  • Tertiary schools will be better equipped to train the workforce.

Dr James Naipao
President of National Doctors Association


  • This cut is good for few people who have a lot of money and can afford it.
    But just think about the majority of the people (almost 90 per cent) who live in the rural areas. For them, it is really a bitter pill to swallow as it does not go well with them. Given the current situation of the economy, they will be hit very hard. Majority of the people in the country are not very happy with this decision to cut TFF for year 2020.

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