TFF officers to monitor payments in provinces

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The National,Friday June 3rd, 2016

EDUCATION Minister Nick Kuman says officers will be based in the provinces to monitor the payment of tuition fees to schools.
He said the Government had paid K2.7 billion so far in subsidies as part of its commitment to making education accessible to all and to see every child going to school.
“We created 24 positions throughout the country and those TFF officers will be stationed in each province,” he said.
“They will become a small or mini ombudsman to ensure that the money to the schools are used for the purpose of educating students.”
The Government last December approved a single integrated TFF policy structure to ensure the teachers are at the schools.
“The database particularly with the enrolment figure for the country is always a challenge every year for us to ensure that we pay the right amount of money to each school is a challenge.
“These are some of the interventions that we have taken as a result of the report.
“I’m glad that the report has highlighted some issues that the department has been lacking for some time.”