Thank you Rotary International


Rotary International’s continuous efforts with humanitarian aid, infrastructure development, goods and services, including other important development projects and programme rollouts, working with the Government (i.e State institutions, provincial administrations, stakeholders etc) is highly commendable and appreciated.
Schools, health facilities and different communities around the country have benefitted, in one way of another, from Rotary International’s work over the years.
The plights and woes of institutions and communities never go unattended by the group when there is a need.
In both good and bad times, Rotary International stays as close to PNG – making its presence felt every now and then with new undertakings and programmes.
On behalf of the State and the people of PNG, I wish to take this opportunity to thank Rotary International for the good work you are doing in the country.
Rotary International, with your input, PNG communities and institutions have been transformed and blessed in countless ways since your office was established in the country.
You give hope to the hopeless.
You have washed away tears of countless Papua New Guineans – both adults and children.
My thanks extends to the Rotary International headquarters, where it may be around the world, and not forgetting the people and organisations helping to finance it.
Your giving heart and good will work will be rewarded by God.

Paul Minga