The choice is yours


GOOD days turn into bad days.
Success turns into failures.
You drop from the top to the bottom.
You are there by yourself.
You don’t know what to do.
You wish to be better, but you don’t want to do something about it.
Hey, do you think that you are the only failure living today?
Man is defined by failure.
Everyone fails in life one way or another.
It is not falling that is the problem. Not getting up is.
If you fail and you try again, and again, and again then you will have a chance to get back to your level of success.
But if you fail and you quit, that is all.
You are done.
You cannot do better this.
Before you give up.
Never forget this.
You are creating a ripple effect.
Hard work beats talent.
It is hard work that makes the difference.
If the greatest failures of all times are known today for their massive successes, then there is no excuse for you.
You either feel the pain now on the way to success, or feel the pain haunted with regret later in life.
The choice is yours.

Glen Burua
Divine Word University

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