Theft of medicine for sale attracts health warning


HEALTH Secretary Pascoe Kase has warned people not to steal medicine from health facilities and sell them to others.
“This is illegal and puts the lives of people at risk,” he said.
“Please stop this practice.”
Kase said this yesterday at the opening of Tsinjipai Community Health Post in Tambul-Nebliyer, Western Highlands.
He said some people working in hospitals or health centres stole drugs or medical instruments to sell.
“I appeal to people to report those who steal medicines from the hospitals and sell on the streets,” Kase said.
He also warned people to stop taking medicines at their own discretion without the advice of doctors or nurses.
“Always seek doctor’s advice because sometimes you might take the wrong drug,” Kase said.
“It doesn’t mean you take an injection when you experience a pain or headache.
“Sometimes, taking a drug without doctor’s prescription causes your body to build resistance when the real diagnosis hits you.
“Once your body builds resistance towards that drug, you cannot be cured.
“It’s always wise to ask a doctor about your condition.”
Kase said there was a shortage of health workers in the country.
He congratulated the Western Highlands Provincial Health Authority for getting a new community health post to serve its rural population at Tsinjipai.
Kase urged the Western Highlands health authoruty to create new positions for health workers in the province.