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THE Jack Pidik Park at 5-Mile in Port Moresby is not a public park, according to owner Capital Centre Land (CCL).
The company CCL owned by the TST group revealed this in a paid advertisement concerning the piece of land which is located on the corner of Hubert Murray Highway and Boroko Drive.
The company said the piece of land, also described as portion 2192, was and had been the private property of CCL, formerly Boy Consultancy Services Ltd, since April 14, 1991, under a 99-year business lease registered as State Lease Volume 1 Folio 30.
The company stated that in accordance with National Gazette No.G274 dated June 26, 2014, portion 2192 was zoned as commercial land.
“Therefore, it must be developed for commercial purpose use,” it said. “The delusion held and encouraged by the National Capital District Commission (NCDC), is that the entire land area is a public park; that is incorrect.
“The public has been misled by NCDC.
“The public is and has been illegally trespassing on private property.”
The company said in good will, all trespassers had been given more than 12 months’ notice to vacate portion 2192.
It said:

  • LAST June 2, the NCDC was given a 14-day notice to vacate portion 2192; and,
  • LAST June 11, the squatters and the public were given a 14-day notice to vacate portion 2192.

The company said the trespassing continued and they were not liable for any illegal trespassers or structures remaining on portion 2192.
The company said last March 19, it submitted its eighth application to the National Capital District physical planning board for the 5-Mile Junction – a mixed use mall, office space, recreational amphitheatre and medical hub.
It said the application had since been pending before the board under the baseless argument that portion 2192 was public land.
According to a court order dated May 19 this year, the National Court in Waigani among others found that CCL was the registered proprietor of the piece of land.
The court ordered the defendants NCD Governor Powes Parkop, NCDC, Port Moresby Vendors Association, Land secretary Benjamin Samson and the State to vacate the land within 45 days from the date of the order (May 19).
The court also allowed CCL to erect a standard fence around the piece of land at the expiration of 45 days from the date of the order.
CCL said the end of the 45-day period lapsed on July 3and it would now proceed to take possession of Portion 2192 and erect a fence as per the court order.

One thought on “‘This is private land’

  • Get back all government land obtain by Asians through corrupt means. We all know the TST group got its dirty hands on this prized piece of government land by bribing government officials. This piece of land is worth more than the bribes they paid for this and the money they were charged for its purchase. Its time to investigate the matter, deport Asians and jail crook politicians and public servants. Enough is enough. Australia has the Foreign Investment Review Board (FIRB) to protect state assets and commercial land from corrupt purchases by foreigners. PNG has no government body or board such as that. Its time to establish a similar government body. TST has done the same with land all around Port Moresby with the same group of officials in politics and government. It is time a Commission of Inquiry be made into TST’s Corrupt acquisition of huge portions of highly prized land assets throughout the NCD.

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