Three weeks Central court circuit satisfies judge

The National,Tuesday June 28th, 2016

A senior judge has expressed satisfaction at a successful court circuit in Central over the last three weeks.
Justice Panuel Mogish thanked parties that assisted him to conduct court in the Kwikila National Court in the Rigo electorate and in Bereina in the Kairuku-Hiri electorate.
The party consisted of Mogish and his associate, lawyers Raymond Galama and Mercy Tamate from the Public Prosecutor’s Office, Wesley Dickson from the Public Solicitor’s Office, Correctional Services officers, police and court officials from the Waigani National Court.
Mogish also thanked the media for providing an “outstanding” coverage of two court-user forums he conducted in Bereina and Kwikila.
Mogish urged young lawyers to engage in court circuits.
He said the best way for young lawyers to understand the court processes was to be engaged with the same judge for some time.
He said most of the criminal cases in Central were dealt with, only three outstanding cases and 11 pending bench warrants would be dealt in September.
He said carrying justice to the people was an expensive exercise.
Mogish said in the court-user forum in Kwikila that the cost for a single court circuit in Central alone for three weeks was K280,000.
He said it cost a total of K685,000 for conducting three court circuits in a year in Central.
He said one of the issues raised in the forums was for the provincial administration to assist with subsidising the cost of the court circuit.
He also urged the Correction Services administration to refurbish the prison facility in the Moreguina station so that prisoners and suspects in Central could be kept there.
Mogish expressed disappointment at the police station commander for Kwikila and his officers for poor performance in the area and for conducting unnecessary roadblocks on the highway. He urged police to work professionally.