Thugs demolish properties

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ABOUT 200 people are homeless after their homes were destroyed by armed men on Tuesday afternoon.
Men armed with bush knives and iron bars smashed and tore down the houses at lot 6 section 43 at Pelican Street in Waigani, using the driving rain as cover.
They smashed the fibro walls, cut and pulled down the timbers.
“Tenants were caught by surprise due to the rain but frantically ran for cover after they realised what was going on.
“They were helpless as police were also present to ensure they moved out while the buildings were being vandalised,” one of the affected tenants said.
The armed men cut down nearby trees, destroyed food gardens, and pulled down small huts.
Bags and cooking appliances and other belongings were thrown into the nearby drain that separates the property from the Bagita police barracks.
The bed-sitter type units housed mostly families of some of the ancillary staff of the PNG Institute of Public Administration who pay rental fees of K6 per fortnight to National Housing Corporation.
It is understood NHC lawyers will go to court to set aside an ex parte order obtained by an individual who allegedly hired the armed men to tear down the houses.
The NHC has previously said it owned that property and had not sold it to anyone.