Thugs stole courthouse waterpump: Magistrate


THE Mendi District Court House in Southern Highlands may shut down its service as its water pump was stolen last weekend.
People who turned up for court case and other services yesterday were told by senior provincial magistrate Edward Kupu of the theft.
He said though the thugs or opportunists broke into the courthouse premises and removed the water pump, he would still hear cases and attend to other services.
“But we all must understand that there will be foul smells today and onwards because there is no water running through and that may halt the services.”
Kupu said when there was disorder in Mendi in recent weeks, he was not deterred from driving around town and witnessed the events unfold.
He said the stupid act of a minority would not stop him to providing important services to the people.
“The water pump has been stolen by people living close to the court house and they must return it immediately or those communities must contribute and buy a new one,” he said.