Time a vital resource


I NEVER forget an experience I had in the United States of America.
I wanted to visit Pearl Harbor, the USA’s naval base where Japan bombed on Dec 7, 1941, forcing USA to enter World War II.
My trip to the tourism site was 6:20am.
At 6:15, I realised that I forgot the camera memory card so I had to dash back to my hotel room on the 23rd floor.
By the time I ran back to the lobby and out of the hotel, it was exactly 6:20am.
As I ran out of the hotel, the pickup taxi arrived exactly at the time they said they will arrive.
I was so surprised from that experience and so many others of how people from developed countries value time.
In Papua New Guinea, we have PNG time.
When an event is said to start at 10am, it actually starts one or two hours later because instead of starting the meeting, people start arriving on the given time.
Well, I believe that if we want to help develop this beautiful nation of ours, we have to value time.
Time is a limited resource. Once it’s gone, it never comes back.
Though we all have twenty four hours a day, not all of us have the same amount of money in our bank accounts, not even everyone dominates in their respective fields.
Whoever is more successful uses his or her twenty four hours well.
I tell students I speak to that those who top the school are not necessarily those who are bright but those who spent most of the time studying compared to other students.
Time is a limited resource, don’t waste it.
Those who use time well will prosper and those who don’t will always be complaining and blaming.

Glen Burua

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