Time for Baki to stop importing weapons

Letters, Normal

This is a response to a report in The National (Oct 29) about Police Commissioner Gari Baki, admitting to approving the import of high-powered weapons that seized at the Jackson Airport.
I think it is time the police commissioner puts a stop to the importation of weapons.
The increase in firearms in the Highlands is a threat to all, especially business houses.
The police commissioner must come out and tell the people whether the police department has the capacity to manage these firearms.
I also recall another report in The National two years ago where the police commissioner said the police department did not have the capacity to manage the influx of firearms.
The police commissioner was then responding to the limited presence of police personnel who were trying to ease tensions at an ongoing tribal fight in Wabag.
I would like to know whether the police department has the capacity to manage firearms.
If it does not, then these weapons should not be allowed to be imported until it has the capacity to manage them.
I hire policemen to escort myself and my company’s goods from Wabag to Mt Hagen and to the bank.